Camera for Windows 10 6.2.8

This free camera software for your PC is a viable alternative to Microsoft's camera program

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10

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Camera for Windows 10 is an alternative camera program designed for those running Windows 10 who want to replace the camera software that came already installed on their devices. Windows 10 replaced the old and outdated Windows 8 and similar operating systems and brought along some new features for users. If you love using your camera but aren't fond of the software that came with your computer, this is a suitable alternative.

This program has a basic design that makes it easy for you to adjust the settings and find the features that you want to use. It has a timer mode for setting up and taking timed shots. Instead of contorting yourself into the right position and trying to find a way to reach the button to snap a picture, you can set up your shot and select the timer to tell the camera when to take a photo.

Designed for use with both photos and videos, this program has a camera options menu that shows you two different features that you can use. You can use the options menu to adjust the resolution of your photos or videos to increase the clarity of your shots. It also has an audio setting that automatically detects the microphone on your computer or device. If you have multiple microphones, it will let you pick which one of those you want to use.

One feature that you'll definitely want to check out is the permissions area, which is where you tell the program what it can access. You can give it permission to access and use both your webcam and your microphone or limit it to just one. This feature also lets you turn off permissions to keep the program from turning on your camera or microphone. It also lets you give the program permission to access and use files saved on your computer in different areas and drives.

Using the more options menu is a good way for more advanced users to change their shots. The preview screen uses your webcam to show you what the image or video it will take looks like. You can use that preview to decide whether you need to adjust the brightness, contrast, focus, exposure or flicker. The program will automatically make those adjustments for you but also gives you the chance to manually adjust each one. Though Camera for Windows 10 can't do a lot that your standard camera app can't, it does come with features that both advanced users and beginners will appreciate.


  • Basic design allows everyone to use it with ease
  • Lets you change the resolution of the shots that you take
  • Suitable for use with photos and videos
  • Automatically detects your microphone for capturing audio


  • Doesn't do much more than your standard camera software does
  • Lacks some of the features that you may want
  • Will not update itself unless you update your operating system

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